Terri A. Ammirati

Portrait of Terri Ammirati

Terri A. Ammirati

Owner & Founder, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor


• Couples Therapy
• Family Therapy
• Faith Based Counseling
• Anxiety Disorders
• Mood Disorders
• Grief/Loss and Trauma
• Supervision and Consultation

Hope For The Future

Do you feel your relationship can't be helped and have doubt there is hope for it? You can love again. Build a deeper level of intimacy and connection you never thought possible. Gain a renewed sense of confidence in your relationships.

Terri A. Ammirati With Drs. John And Julie Gottman

Message From Terri

Couples Therapy

The counseling method I use is centered around Gottman Method Couples Therapy, an evidence-based approach that helps couples with all aspects of relationship issues. It has been proven – through repeated and exhaustive scientific studies -- to enhance the quality of couples’ relationships.

In our sessions, we discuss these and more:
• better ways to manage conflicts,
• effective and improved communication and
• the path to healing from past hurts.

Family and Individual Therapy

In addition to my couples work, I am experience in family and individual therapy. I believe in empowering clients to strengthen their relationships. With you, I address aspects of distress in your relationships with family members, colleagues and friends.

Together, we:
• explore past and present difficulties,
• identify your self-defeating thoughts and behaviors,
• examine practical and results-driven solution and
• help you achieve personal and relationship goals.

Trustful Alliances

My mindset is to form therapeutic alliances and trusting relationships with clients. Many people come to therapy feeling very overwhelmed, or even ashamed, or not sure where to begin.

I offer a safe space and place to seek out help. I want you to be assure that I will do all I can to make your time with me the least stressful part of your day.

Best Foundation

I have integrated spiritual truths with contemporary psychological theories. This allows you to have the best and most up-to-date information. The positive results of your therapy will be long-lasting, fueling your fulfilling, empowered life.

Terri Ammirati
  • 12+ years as a Gottman Couples Therapist
  • 25+ years of Clinical Experience
  • Owner and Clinical Director

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