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What Is Stress?

Stress is a normal part of life that happens to everyone. It is a condition of mental and emotional strain or tension brought on by challenging or unfavorable circumstances.

Moderate stress factors are harmless to us as our body is designed to handle stress in small doses. But chronic stress can have serious effects on our mental and physical well-being. In extreme conditions, stress can lead to hypertension, heart problems, obesity, Type II diabetes and arthritis.

Why is Stress Counseling Important?

A Therapist Trained in Stress Therapy Can Help

Talking with a trained professional at Ammirati Counseling could help you find underlying issues that may cause you stress such as family conflict, relationship problems or low self-esteem. Our stress therapists can guide you to effectively manage stressful areas of your life.

We provide you with a non-judgemental space to talk freely about stress-triggering thoughts and provide you with effective tools to cope with the mental and physical symptoms of stress.

If left untreated, stress can develop into depression or anxiety. Seek stress management therapy in a timely manner and get your life back on track.

Common Signs and Symptoms of Stress

Physical Symptoms

  • Changes in sex drive & loss of sexual desire,
  • Frequent infections & cold,
  • Fatigued & tense muscles,
  • Heart palpitation & chest pain,
  • Insomnia & sleep-related problems and
  • Low energy levels & frequent headaches.

Emotional Symptoms

  • Avoiding others,
  • Becoming agitated & frustrated frequently,
  • Feeling lonely, worthless & having low-esteem and
  • Having trouble calming & relaxing your mind.

Cognitive Symptoms

  • Avoiding others,
  • Becoming agitated & frustrated frequently,
  • Feeling lonely, worthless & having low-esteem and
  • Having trouble calming & relaxing your mind.

Behavioral Symptoms

  • Avoiding commitments and procrastinating,
  • Changing appetite, such as not eating at all or eating excessively,
  • Having more anxious habits, including fidgeting, nail-biting, and pacing and
  • Increasing consumption of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco.
If you have any of the above symptoms, seek stress management therapy as soon as possible.

Benefits of Counseling with a Stress Counselor

An expert stress counselor can help you with the following:
  • Enhancing your potential for handling stress and responding to tough situations,
  • Gaining awareness of oneself and triggers that make you stressed,
  • Identifying the base causes of your worries and stress,
  • Increasing your sense of self-worth, gaining greater confidence setting boundaries and
  • Learning specialized coping techniques to handle stressful circumstances.

What Is Stress Management Counseling?

Stress management counseling is a type of talk therapy that addresses thought patterns and behavior. Your therapist will work with you to pinpoint your stressors and develop healthy coping mechanisms to alleviate the impact of your triggers.

Stop letting stress control your life. Book a session right away with our knowledgeable licensed therapists. We can help you discover simple strategies that you can employ to deal with stressful circumstances and feel more at ease as well as in control.

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