Melanie Brosnan

Portrait of Melanie Brosnan

Melanie Brosnan

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Specialties ​

• Adults
• Adolescents
• Anxiety
• Children
• Depression
• Grief
• Mood Disorders
• Parent Child Relationships
• Parenting Coaching
• School Related Behavioral Difficulties
• Self-esteem
• Trauma
• Tweens/Teens
• Women's Issues
• Young Adults

Meaningful Collaboration

Seek professional help before problems in your life become unmanageable and intolerable. Find the peace you deserve.

Message from Melanie

Therapeutic Alliance

I am passionate about helping others create positive change within themselves to build rich, meaningful lives. I am a strong believer in the power of a positive mindset.

I provide clients with sincere support and honest guidance throughout their time in therapy. We establish a solid foundation built with trust, respect, empathy and compassion.

It is my promise to provide a safe and secure environment for you to begin your process of healing.


My approach is centered on helping individuals address current areas of life stress and develop effective ways to cope. I use a blend of evidence-based treatments, and provide valuable feedback and emotional support.

"Every new day is a chance to change your life."


Experiencing trauma is undoubtedly scary and life changing. It can cause someone to have overwhelming feelings of sadness, anger, confusion, guilt and self-blame.

Together, we uncover thoughts, feelings and behaviors that might be disrupting your highest level of functioning.


As a clinician trained in trauma and other related issues, I understand the negative impact of psychological trauma and can provide a guided roadmap for recovery.

I have seen clients increase in self-confidence and self-awareness and, as a result, achieve balance in their lives and healing.

Services Offered

My services include:

• Individual Therapy: Adults, Adolescents, Children
• Family Therapy
• Parenting Support

Melanie Brosnan
• 10+ years of Clinical Experience
• Pursuing Trauma-Focused CBT Certification
• Pursuing Emotion Focused Family Therapy Certification

Melanie specializes in working with children ages 5 to 18, young adults, adults and families. She has specialized training in trauma, grief and loss, anxiety and mood disorders in children, adolescents, young adults, women's issues, adjustment and behavioral difficulties, suicidality and self injurious behaviors.

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