Leanna Alonso

Leanna Alonso Chicago therapist

Leanna Alonso

Licensed Social Worker


• Grief/Loss
• Trauma Focused Therapy
• Depression/Suicide Prevention
• Anxiety/School-Related Issues
• Attachment Issues
• Behavioral Therapy
• Conflict Resolution

Meaningful Collaboration

Seek professional help before your problems in your life become unmanageable and intolerable. Find the peace you deserve.

Message from Leanna:


I believe in being the crutch that helps to support you in solving and safely managing stressful situations in life. I take a holistic and integrative approach, using a blend of therapeutic approaches to effectively meet the needs of my client. While ensuring a safe, empathetic environment I will provide clients with the necessary tools to help them problem-solve struggles from the past, currently, and in the future.

Family Dynamics:

The relationships with have with our family members, immediate and generationally, tend to have a lasting impact on how we view ourselves and the world around us. Strengthening the relationships with family members and working through conflict with our loved ones can help us to improve communication, improve self-esteem, and feel more empowered in navigating relationships within our lives.

Self-reflection can help one to heal from trauma and struggles.


Through providing you with a safe, comfortable, and non-judgmental environment, I will provide support, compassion, and empathy in reflecting on self and encouraging changes in perspective to difficult situations. I believe strongly that self-reflection can help one to heal from trauma and struggles experienced in the past and present, to move forward in life with confidence, improved self-esteem, and success.

Turning the Page:

Experiencing trauma, severe stress/anxiety, and other distressing circumstances can significantly have a negative impact on our current psychological and physiological functioning. Allow yourself to have a space to process feelings that could occur, such as, guilt, sadness, shame and anger. And, allow yourself the time you need to heal at your own pace, and move forward to a healthy and balanced life.

Thank you for helping me get through a difficult time.

I feel I can trust Leanna.

Leanna Alonso

Leanna provides individual therapy for children, adolescents and adults, as well as family therapy.

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