Jane Sussman

Jane Sussman

Licensed Social Worker


• Anxiety
• Depression
• Executive Functioning
• Family Therapy
• Grief and Loss
• Life Transitions
• Parental Support
• Relational Issues
• Stress management
• Trauma
• Women's Issues
• Children
• Adolescents
• Young Adults

Meaningful Collaboration

Seek professional help before problems in your life become unmanageable and intolerable. Find the peace you deserve.

Message From Jane

Therapeutic Alliance

It is my priority to guide individuals while helping them to channel their inner strengths. I can provide clients with trust, honesty and support while giving them the tools they might need to tap into those strengths.

I am passionate about building an environment where my clients can productively engage with me to effect beneficial changes in their lives.

I guarantee that my clients will feel heard, supported, and safe to be themselves in the therapeutic environment. I will always consider my client’s identities and multifaceted stories in helping them to fulfill their goals.


While using empathic attunement and evidence-based practices, my approach is based on meeting individuals where they are at. I want to help clients address areas of life where they may have room for growth. In addition, I will strive to help clients develop effective coping skills in order to meet their needs.

"No road is long with good company."


While discussing and uncovering trauma or distress, clients may often feel a sense of vulnerability which can be unquestionably scary and overwhelming.

I am here to help you navigate thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that may hinder your sense of self or your ability to function.


As a trained clinician, I have a great deal of experience working in diverse communities with children, families, and adults, seeing first-hand how trauma can negatively impact one’s life.

I have gained a deeper understanding that through dealing with and becoming more aware of psychological trauma, there is hope for progression and recovery.

After helping several clients, I made the necessary changes in their lives for healing and would like to do the same for you.

Jane Sussman
  • Licensed Social Worker
  • 4+ Years of Professional Experience
  • Pursuing Gottman Level One Training for Couples Therapy

Jane brings extensive experience working with children, adolescents, young adults, adults providing individual and family therapy. Her areas of specialty include ADHD, anxiety, stress management, depression disorders in children, adolescents, young adults, grief and trauma, life transitions, parent-child relations, parent coaching and executive functioning.

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