Colin Boland


Family Counselor - Colin Boland


“Everyone has a different story of how they became the person they are today. It’s not my place to judge people who are actively seeking ways to improve in life.”

As a family therapist, Colin works with collaborating with the different family members to bring about change.

Colin brings extensive experience working with individuals and families who are struggling grief, loss, trauma, family conflict and other aspects of relational distress. Colin invests adequate time to understand his clients. As, a family therapist, he skillfully builds a safe environment for his clients where they feel heard and understood. Colin knows how to meet his clients where they are at. He is compassionate, insightful and as he builds a therapeutic rapport where true growth occurs.

In addition to working with families, he enjoys working with in working with children and tweens struggling with anxiety, stress, ADHD, family conflict, and with school related issues. His background with adolescents includes partnering with the schools to run groups for teens wrestling with a range of issues from self-esteem, identity issues, drug use, video addiction, self-harm, bullying, interpersonal social struggles, parent-child conflicts and family conflicts and divorce. He believes it is important to build and establish and ongoing collaborative relationship with the different members of the individuals in the clients’ life. He firmly believes that a collaborative approach enables all to become part of the solution together.

He uses a combination of strength-based approaches which enables the client to build what they are doing well. He utilizes Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Theory, and Gestalt psychology–which considers the mind/body relationship to understand and find patterns in behaviors. Because each person is different, combining different approaches helps clients to feel empowered as they make changes in their life.

For instance, Colin had a client who was passionate about musical theater–an area in which Colin had very little knowledge. Colin researched musical theater…so that he could use what he learned in counseling sessions to help his client. This approach was effective, and the client was able to make considerable progress.

Counselor Background

Colin has over six years of experience in the mental health field. In additional, he has extensive training in understanding and treating substance abuse, addictions and self-harming behaviors. He attended the Chicago School of Professional Psychology and received specialized training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. He is certified in Crisis Prevention Intervention. He also enjoys helping to counsel disadvantaged youth, adolescents, and families in his community.

When he’s not working, Colin spends time with his hearing-impaired, happy-to-be-mischievous-dog Phooey. Colin is very creative and enjoys drawing, creating digital art, and painting. He’s learning to play musical instruments and immerses himself in the bass guitar, Irish tin whistle, and kalimba. In his “down time”, Colin enjoys the challenge of different types of board games to relax and to help him sharpen his critical thinking skills.

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