Colin Boland



“Everyone has a different story of how they became the person they are today. It’s not my place to judge people who are actively seeking ways to improve in life.”

As a family therapist, Colin works with adolescents struggling with drug abuse.

 If you notice your child is feeling gripping, all-consuming loneliness. And has turned to drug misuse. Colin can help. As a family psychologist, he doesn’t lead or trail his clients. Which makes them feel powerless. Instead, he works with you as a partner so that you’re convinced that real growth is possible!

Adolescent children get embarrassed for feeling lonely and think they have NO ONE to talk to. With nowhere else to turn, adolescents turn to substance abuse. Ironically, substance use can further isolate adolescent children from their families and peers.

Colin invests adequate time to understand his clients. He uses a combination of strength-based approaches, Cognitive Behavioral Theory (“CBT”), and Gestalt psychology–which considers the mind and behavior to find patterns. Each client is different. Combining these three methods helps clients experience growth at their own pace and gives them options.

Colin is genuine in his approach to family therapy. And he takes the time required to learn about his clients. He uses the knowledge he’s gained to administer effective treatment.

For instance, Colin had a client who was passionate about musical theater–an area in which Colin had very little knowledge. Colin researched musical theater…so that he could use what he learned in counseling sessions to help his client. This approach was effective, and the client was able to make considerable progress.

A different client believed that his parents would only love him if he was perfect. The untrue belief emerged because the client’s parents were going through a divorce. Colin and the client challenged this core belief which was causing unnecessary distress. After revealing the root cause of this core belief Colin helped the client find a clear path to recovery.

Counselor Background

Colin has over five years of experience in the mental health field. And has extensive training in understanding and treating substance abuse. He attended the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. And is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy trained. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor and is Crisis Prevention Intervention certified. Colin specializes in working with individuals, families, and groups. He helps people struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, substance abuse, and identity issues. Colin also spends time working in community mental health at OMNI Youth Services. For the past two years he’s helped counsel disadvantaged youth, adolescents, and families.

When he’s not working, Colin spends time with his hearing-impaired, happy-to-be-mischievous-dog Phooey. Colin likes drawing, creating digital art, and painting. He’s learning to play musical instruments and immerses himself in the bass guitar, Irish tin whistle, and kalimba. He enjoys board games and video games which help him relax and sharpen his critical thinking.

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