Bernadette Kaleta

Bernadette Kaleta

Licensed Professional Counselor


• Parenting Issues
• Family Therapy
• Anxiety
• Grief/Loss and Trauma
• Internal Family Systems
• Trauma Focused Cognitive Therapy
• Behavioral Therapy
• Intergenerational Family Issues
• Work -Life Balance

Meaningful Collaboration

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Message from Bernadette

Family Structure

As a qualified family therapist, I assist families in creating a definition of how they want their relationships to work and function. In family therapy, I aim to foster an environment that acknowledges the individual as well as the family unit.

Using the principles of Structural Family Therapy, I work with families to address the patterns of interactions that create problems. This approach looks at the family system and attempts to make positive changes to its structure. These changes often loosen deeply-rooted patterns of pain associated with the family’s experiences of loss, anger, failure of communication and behavior issues.

Rewriting Your Story

I also draw on Narrative Therapy techniques, as often the act of rewriting one's story is powerful enough to bring awareness to maladaptive behaviors. There is a healing that comes about when the therapist allows the client to become the author of their own story and gains the tools to start to rewrite the narrative of their life.

Family Support

Another approach I use is Attachment-Focused Family Therapy. We build or rebuild a trusting and supportive parent-child or spouse-spouse relationships to prevent or treat issues such as anxiety and depression.

Cultural Context

I am also bilingual in Polish and English, and growing up in a bicultural environment has informed my understanding of how a client's cultural context is embedded in their understanding of the world and is integral to forming resolutions to key issues.

Young Children

When working with young children, using sand play, storytelling, and play during sessions allows the child, an outlet to engage in a therapeutic process. This method feels comfortable to them since they often do not have the language skills to fully express their emotions.

Bernadette Kaleta

• Pursuing Internal Family Systems certification
• Pursing Gottman Method Couples Therapy certification

Bernadette predominantly works with adults, adolescents, and children seven years and older. She also parents who are experiencing parenting issues, including parent-child interaction.

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